Our Process

How we work

First and formost we focus on building a strong relationship with our clients, it is critical for us to understand their needs and vision so we can collaborate to deliver the best result. We are problem solvers, we work within a structured process to efficiently plan and achieve project milestones.


Meeting our clients to understand how we can help them is the first step. We discuss a project in detail to define a robust project specification to set key contraints and manage deliverables.

Collaborative brief Specification
Stage gated Project Structure


Our project research is muli-layered, we look into relevent trends, materials, technologies and any other areas that may give us insight into developiong a new and unique offering.  

Competitor Product Analysis
Trend Research
Product Tear down & Technology review


At this stage we develop early concepts that are sbased on our research to communicate the identified design opportunities. Each concept is supported by appropriate visual brand lanuage and CMF to complete the product offering. We tend to visualise these concepts through hand sketching, 3D Renderings and sketch models. 

Visual Brand Language
Concept Generation
Colour, Material, Finish
Functional Product Arrangements


Concept development is a rigerous process. Starting with the chosen concept direction we create multiple iterations of the design, developing the mechanical function, look and feel and user interface. In this stage functional and aesthetic prototypes are developed to test key features of the design.

Functional Prototypes
Cosmetic Models
Mechanical Engineering
Test Rigs & Mockups


Our aim is to bring commercialy successful product to the market that delivers on our clients needs. Production ready data for tooling and part production is created working with a selected a supplier from our global network. We manage the quality control and logistics so the product can be delivered to you hassle free. 

Design for Manufacture
Supplier Sourcing
Product Renders & Graphics

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