PinGo Intelligent lapel Badge

Pin & Go Intelligent lapel badge uses IOT technology to safeguard staff and effectivly monitor care given to those in residential care homes.

Enclosure Design – Product Engineering- Production Sourcing

The Brief

Eclipse Nurscall Systems approached Designblend to help expand their interconnected nursecall systems. A wearable product solution was required, capable of allowing busy care staff to connect with eachother and their patients to enable staff in residential homes to offer better care through the use of IOT technology.

Care homes present an environment where products are required to be robust, easily cleaned and reliable. User insights gave us the vision for desiging a product that satisfied not only these key issues but also a to deliver an enjoyable and intuative user experience.

Our Response

The final solution was an interactive lapel badge with an intergrated bluetooth network connecting it to other PinGo devices worn by care home staff. The Pin-and- Go lapel badge is designed to be capable of notifying staff to alarm locations, showing key information on a LED display and social distancing proximity reminders to help comply Covid restrictions.

We worked with our network of industry links to specify electronic printed circuit boards as well as sourcing antibacterial enclosures from our far east suppliers. The outcome succeeded in capturing the technical functionality in a light streamlined design.

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